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傳真e化第一品牌  MegaFax
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About Us
  Top Disk (East Win) was founded in 1990 and as a special sales agent of the Components in Taiwan and at the beginning, our main products were CPU, RAM, TTL, ChipSets, Components, ...etc. From 1993, we also established a new department "MO & PC Peripheral Related Department", we become the agent of Fujitsu Taiwan and Teijin Japan in Taiwan. Our main products are Fujitsu MO, Teijin MO Disks, and other Computer Peripheral Related, we supply the high quality and full serial products to our customers for support them the total solution!

To satisfy all our customers with different kinds of products, in 1997 we established our "R&D Department" for developing and selling the FAX Server, DVR, Security & Surveillance System products for supply the various products to all our customers!

Our Main Products:

MO & PC Peripheral Related:
*Fujitsu full serial MO (Magneto-Optical Drive), the best quality and the most reliable storage devices in the world, also are the best solution for the data backup. Support different interfaces---IDE, SCSI, USB, IEEE1394(FIREWIRE), NAS,...etc.
*Teijin Japan full serial MO Disks, 70 years life time, life time warranty.
*Others---"Magicam" The Audio & Video Mail Management System, 2.5" Hard Disk Case, HUB, PCMCIA to USB, Cards, MO/MO Disk Cleaner,...etc.

FAX Server:
*MEGAFAX, the first hardware and standalone type FAX Server in the world which is entirely Web-based, also offers a full range of e-commerce service to meet your every needs.

Security & Surveillance System:
*MEGA VIEW, the standalone (Non-PC based) type of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and with multiplexing functions, user-friendly operation, also especially designed as a VCR replacement for you to let you make everything simple.

*INTEL/AMD CPU, RAM Module,...etc.

The above are our main products, we aim to develop the new high quality and various products to satisfy all customers and offer them the best service!

Top Disk is your best choice!